Words And Their Stories: Student License

Words And Their Stories: Student License


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Educator Testimonials

"We have limited time to cover a vast amount of material, and Words And Their Stories helps teachers manage their time better, as preparing and grading vocabulary lessons/tests is very time consuming... We use Words And Their Stories for ESOL, SP, and all other students. The vocabulary words are showing up in student writing, and are used appropriately."

— Wm. Bryan Borah
English Dept. Chairman, Centreville HS,
Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, VA

"It looked more like [my students] were playing a computer game! As soon as they got their computers, they were into Words And Their Stories. No teacher directions. They just knew what to do and were 'into it' without delay. The climate in the room was sooo positively charged. They were actually enjoying learning something at the very end of the school day — the worst time to sustain their attention on a task. They actually cared about their vocabulary score!" 

— Jay  Stratoudakis, Ph.D.

Words And Their Stories is a powerful learning tool that boosts academic performance while simultaneously preparing students for standardized exams.”

— Sheila Smith
Director, Gifted & Talented Programs
L.A. Unified School District

"The way I see it, Words And Their Stories is a reading program masquerading as a vocabulary program. As a reading program, I can see the results in [students’] Words And Their Stories scores, and I believe that they correlate with an improvement in the quality of the books the kids read on their own and in the quality of their discussions about the books."

— Rex Wood
Lakewood High School, Jefferson County, CO

"Words And Their Stories is so inherently motivational, and so quick to reward, students quickly seek out the time to do the words… I couldn’t be happier."

— Jessica Warne
Jack London Continuation HS, Los Angeles

Words And Their Stories is software that truly enhances the learning process.”

— Anita Canul, Curriculum Coordinator
Dallas Independent School District

"I have used Word And Their Stories for three years now, with three children. (They've started at different times, and it has taken each about two years to complete the program.) They have had fun learning many new words and their meanings. I have enjoyed seeing their vocabulary grow! Thank you!!"
          — Carrie Y.
          Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member 

"We have used Words And Their Stories for several weeks now and would recommend this product. My son has loved learning about the background of the words as well as their meanings. Discovering the history behind the word has made vocabulary much more meaningful for him. He loves the program and because of the design with 'clues,' he feels like he is playing a game. He asks to do a lesson and then complains when his time is done. He has learned a great deal and loves sharing his new knowledge with others. Our whole family has fun with this program." 
          — Casia C. 
          Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

Student Testimonials

"Words And Their Stories helped be a lot this year because I’ve never been the best at deciphering what words mean. Now I know little secrets on how to look at the prefix of the word as well as the root so I can know the definition. I now know the definitions of over 200 words that I’ve never heard before which I can add into my every day vocabulary. . ."

"I think that broadening my vocabulary has been crucial to my learning and is one of the most valuable things that I learned in high school. I think that it will help me in the future as I grow up and am placed in more sophisticated situations."

"I have learned to know and love Words And Their Stories. . . The program uses certain angles that help you learn not only the word but also it subconsciously teaches the user about prefixes of words and roots of words. . . Words And Their Stories also teaches the user how to find the meaning of a word by using contextual clues. Overall, Words And Their Stories is a phenomenal program in which so much can be learned."

"Words And Their Stories taught us meanings of words and helped us learn the meaning of synonyms and antonyms. It helped me a lot because I don’t know the meanings of many words, and it took me step by step to understand the meanings of each word. The tests really help me because I had to remember the meanings of each word to get a good score on my post tests. Those words can help me daily."

"Words And Their Stories helped my vocabulary grow. I’ve realized lately that I don’t have to stop and think of a describing word to help me explain stuff to people because I’m remembering the words I learn and the meaning. All of these things will help me in the future with teaching."