Stationery Studio Writing Collection Deluxe

Stationery Studio Writing Collection Deluxe

Creative Applications

Stationery Studio and Interactive Whiteboards

 Teachers love to use interactive whiteboards with Stationery Studio to demonstrate writing techniques for students. They provide teachers with a great way to model writing.

Stationery Studio and AlphaSmart

Students can use the AlphaSmart NEOs as a simple and effective input device, and see their work appear in Stationery Studio. Stationery Studio is a perfect companion product for the AlphaSmart NEO, as the Lubbock Independent School District discovered!

Lubbock ISD chose the combination of Stationery Studio and AlphaSmart Neos because it helped and "inspired" the students to truly focus on their writing. "When students are using the Neos the focus is on 'getting their brains on paper.' When students have completed their writing assignment, they are allowed to use Stationery Studio to pull together the final published work. Students tend to work harder on their writing so they can earn the time to pick stationery that works for their writing. Students really enjoy being able to feel accomplished about their writing." Stationery Studio's intuitive interface makes it easy for even the youngest students to excel in the program. This allows the teacher to step aside and let the student take more pride and responsibility for their writing. Courtney May, Technology Demonstration Teacher, added that the software helped students take more initiative, become less dependent on the teacher, and reveal more creativity!