Mapping the World by Heart

Mapping the World by Heart


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"A geography curriculum so innovative that it was awarded a "Breaking the Mold" award from the U.S. Department of Education, and so effective and exciting that it has been the subject of news reports in TIME, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and on NBC's Today Show, Mapping the World by Heart is a flexible program that can be used as the centerpiece of a geography curriculum or as an adjunct to a course in world history or global studies. . ."

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"Our school has been using David Smith's Mapping the World by Heart curriculum for three years. My fourth grade class studies US History, and I have adapted the curriculum so that my class maps the United States by heart. Our sixth grade, for their last project before graduation, maps the world by heart. This is truly a wonderful project that challenges even the most gifted students, yet also gives different students a chance to shine in the classroom. Every year students, faculty, and parents come to the final display of our maps and exclaim, ‘There is no way that I could do this!’ Imagine the pride that a ten or twelve-year-old feels when they have acquired knowledge that their parents find astounding. Many parents have framed their children's USA and world maps and have put them up in the home as artwork! The curriculum is broken down into mini-lessons and is very easy to follow. Even if you did not want to use the entire curriculum, there are plenty of good geography resources and lessons included. In my opinion, every student in the United States should be required to use this curriculum. It is truly incredible what geography our students know when they leave our school!"

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