Fab@School Maker Studio

Fab@School Maker Studio

Sample Lessons & Activities


Fabricate Your Tic-Tac-Dino Board!: Print and fabricate your own Tic-Tac-Dino game and play with your friends. For grades 3-8.

Create and Play Mini Sudoku!: This FabAwesome project introduces you to the Sudoku number puzzle and helps you create your own Sudoku game set. For grades 3-8.

3D Geometry Guide: This project introduces you to base concepts of building 3D geometry in Maker Studio with examples and walkthroughs.

Fabricate and Assemble a Working AutomatonThis automaton model is a simple machine that moves a piston up and down when the handle on the front is turned. It uses a mixture of simple 2D and complex 3D parts, and demonstrates various concepts in paper craft and engineering.

Tiny House Challenge: This project gives students the chance to explore the tiny house movement, exploring sustainable living in the 21st century by creating and prototyping tiny houses.

Design and Fabricate a Ferris Wheel: This design walk-through teaches Fab@School features and engineering tips for designing and assembling your own paper Ferris wheel.

Tutorial Videos

Fab@School Maker Studio: Getting Started Tutorial

Fab@School Maker Studio: Fabrication Tutorial

Fab@School Maker Studio: Shapes Tutorial

Fab@School Maker Studio: Pop-Ups Tutorial

 Fab@School Maker Studio: Line Tool Tutorial

 Fab@School Maker Studio: Cut Fold Tab Tool Tutorial