Fab@School Maker Studio

Fab@School Maker Studio


Fab@School Maker StudioDiscover Fab@School Maker Studio, an easy way to engage young engineers!

  • Explore STEAM (STEM + Arts) as students make to learn.
  • Create machines, 3D models, pop-ups, & more.
  • Enjoy a high-tech/low-tech solution for digital fabrication.

Envision a classroom where students are actually working as engineers—a classroom where students imagine, invent, design, test, and collaborate to solve compelling problems. Picture a classroom where creativity flourishes and making mistakes is part of the learning process, as students discover for themselves what works and what does not. And imagine a classroom where every student walks away from a lesson with a working machine, pop-up, or another 3D object they designed and created themselves.

This is the Fab@School classroom, where the enthusiasm for learning is palpable. As one student said, "You can actually do it...you can see it and you can understand it!"


Fab@School Designer Student Photos

See how the prototype of Fab@School Maker Studio is inspiring young engineers in the classroom!
In the following news story, NBC29 reporter Jennifer Von Reuter covers how students used digital fabrication to create their own skateboard park: 

Here is just a sampling of the many projects you can create with Fab@School Maker Studio. From pop-ups, to 3D structures, to simple and complex machines, there are countless projects that provide a fun and engaging way for students to explore STEAM.

Fab@School Designer Project Photos

Fab@School Maker Studio is currently in development, expected to release in spring 2015. Sign up to be notified as the release date draws near!