"As a teacher, I love to incorporate technology into the classroom — it's a big draw for the kids. I'd be hard-pressed to find a student who wouldn't be more interested in a subject if they could create an animation about it. Animation-ish gets their creative juices flowing! There are so many ways that this software can be used in a classroom setting. What a great way to create presentations!

My computer animation class consisted of students in 3rd-5th grade and all ability levels. I had several students with special needs that used Animation-ish with great success. The podcasts were so helpful, too! We watched one or two podcasts each day and then took time to practice some of the techniques. This is my second year teaching the computer animation class, and I have several students who took the class again because they liked using Animation-ish so much. I've also had students purchase their own software for use at home. Animation-ish has sparked students' creativity and they are learning 21st century skills in the process."

Rochelle Grossbier
Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools


"Animation-ish has enabled students to bypass traditional presentation programs while tapping into their creativity, sparking and igniting young imaginations. Students have elected to make their mark using this outstanding software product when creating projects for both the multimedia and digital storytelling pieces of our Information Literacy and Technology classes in grades six through eight."

Kim White
ILT Instructor
Barnstable Intermediate School, Barnstable Public School System, MA

"Your lessons will really move with Animation-Ish. Whether it is an animation you create to use with a lesson, or an assignment you give your students, this program will support the creation of phenomenal products. A very small learning curve for kids and adult will be able to use it within seconds of installing it."

Terry Shay
Music Teacher
Grades 2-12, North Tama School, Traer, Iowa

"Animation-ish is a program that will allow students to express themselves in a new way. The animations are easy to create and easily integrated into curriculum."

Colleen Collette
Technology Integration Teacher
Grades K-6, Hopedale, Massachusetts

"Animation-ish excites students. In my classes, students of all ability levels found a way to express a thought or an idea using one of the Animation-ish levels. Some now walk into class and ask if today will be a day where Animation-ish is on the agenda...

Eighth grade students who already use Flash agree: Animation-ish is an excellent introduction to the skills and concepts of animation and would make learning Flash much easier for any new user."

Barbara Peskin
Instructional Technology Specialist
Computer Literacy and Multimedia Teacher
Sanborn-Concord Middle School, Concord, Massachusetts

"Our students delight in seeing their ideas come alive. We are a large private school and have a one to one program from 4th grade through 12th. Animation-ish is installed on all laptops and desktops throughout the school. Some of the ways that we have used it include:

  • Illustrate observations - a plant growing, a mealworm’s movement and metamorphosis
  • Illustrate narratives – how to stories, exciting parts of a book
  • Support research – Hawaiian canoe making, jobs of ancient Hawaiians
  • Public Service Announcements – sustainability ads

These are just some ways that we have used Animation-ish in the past. The teachers remark it helps students with sequencing, scaffolding and really processing their ideas."

Heather Byrne
The Punahou School, Honolulu, HI