"For those of you who aren't familiar, Animation-ish is a simple program designed for people of all ages who want to try their hand at digital animation. Unlike professional tools like Flash, Animation-ish provides a streamlined work environment and toolset in an attempt to get users animating in minutes."

— Don Hatfield,

"Animation-ish... is a very simple, intuitive, sensibly progressive tool to learn stop-frame animation... Although it's targeted to kids (suggested age range is four through early teens) and marketed to educators, there really are no age boundaries to this well-designed program.

Animation-ish is so very simple to use, you can create great looking animations in a matter of minutes, while learning the basics of stop-motion animation... The tools are meant to be basic, intuitive, and not overwhelming. And at that they get an A grade...

...The tutorials are as much about learning to use Animation-ish tools as much as they are lessons in stop-motion animation and frame editing. The Animation-ish Classroom Activity Guide includes lesson ideas for educators, but are also great jumping off places if you're short of inspiration, as are the little video short ideas presented by Peter H. Reynolds.

I can see a child of any age, including over-18s, mastering the advanced level of Animation-ish... If you want to learn the basics of animation, or have a child who does, try Animation-ish. It's fun, easy, and relatively inexpensive."

— Clare Brandt, PCWorld. Read the full review.

Children’s Technology Review/July 2008   

children's technology review score"Finally — somebody made an easy to use animation tool kit for the rest of us. Ideal for introducing the powerful concept of moving art, or animation to children (or adults), Animation-ish is a $60 CD-based program for Mac or Windows that is easy to install and use, as long as you don't mind the price, and the frustration of trying to draw with a mouse. The "ish" at the end of the title comes from a book by children's illustrator Peter Reynolds, who appears in short idea video clips throughout the program.

There are three levels of animation introduced. The easiest, called Wiggledoodle-ish lets you make a three-frame scribble, and see it come alive with animated wriggling. The next level, called FlipBook-ish, allows you to create simple animation projects using an unlimited number of frames and tracing tools. The hardest level, Advanced-ish, introduces you to foregrounds and backgrounds.

The package includes a handy Classroom Activity Guide, with animation projects, such as animating the life of a butterfly. Besides the price (we'd like a $20 home version), the clip art library is limited in size, as is the screen size. Testers had a hard time finding the "undo" button. But these are minor issues. You can easily import images, or export work as Flash movies, QuickTime, AVI, a DV stream or an image sequence, adding to this program's usefulness.

Prices start at $60, and site licenses are available. Fablevision encourages the use of an $80 Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet, not included in the price. Created by Toon Boom for Fablevision.

"Details: FableVision Learning, LLC, Price: $60. Ages: 5-up. Platform: Windows, Mac OSX. Teaches/Purpose: art, creativity, animation. Rating (1 to 5 stars): 4.6 stars. Entry date: 5/28/2008. [WB]"